About Sumbao

Founded in 2022, Sumbao Seafood is a seafood restaurant. Famous for its huge seafood display filled with a variety of fish, crabs, shrimp, meat and more! In addition, there is a wide variety of seafood, cooked in various ways, each with its own unique flavor. From sweetness and sauces to just soy and even salted egg yolks, there’s no doubt that you’ll probably find a product that will please your palate. Overall, Sumbao Seafood is a great choice for seafood lovers looking for a place to host a large gathering.

Sumbao Seafood adheres to the concept of integrity management, and takes improving the stability and safety of food quality as the precondition to provide consumers with more intimate services, healthier, safer, more nutritious and more assured food.

Our dishes

  • Fish Soup

  • Seafood

  • Various Meats

  • Vegetables

Sumbao seafood,

gradually leading the “fresh”

Sumbao seafood,

gradually leading the “fresh”

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378 Racecourse Road
#01-01 Singapore 218646

Operating Hours:
11am – 230pm

Contact number:

[email protected]

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